Webster Tech Solution's RPO offering assumes management of all or part of the client's recruiting functions for contract labor and/or direct hires.

Webster Tech Solution's RPO provides quantifiable benefits through improved efficiencies, lower overhead, reduced payroll and benefit expenses, and fewer capital investments. The RPO empowers the client's organization to outsource non-core business processes and to reorient its focus on more important, strategic programs that create profitable growth and sustain business success.

Continuous Improvement: Client receives the ongoing benefit of Webster Tech Solution's QMS initiatives, which assures continuous improvement in all processes.
Revenue Enhancement: The client may enhance their revenue by refocusing on core business practices while We assume responsibility for the complete recruitment fulfillment lifecycle.
Capital Efficiency: Our outsourcing service relieves some of the client's overhead expenditures, freeing up capital to be used more efficiently.
Cost Savings: Clients receive significant cost saving when they choose Webster Tech Solution's efficient and highly productive RPO services.
24x7 Workforce: Clients take advantage of our veteran staff and 24x7 global service delivery and customer support.

Policy for retention of Human Resource

Webster Tech Solution's has introduced a unique program to manage consultants and assure employee retention.

The HR program was developed to provide consultants with everything they need for sustained productivity and job fulfillment. The HR effort is led by Webster Tech Solution's global human resource team and executed at the client's dedicated team by Consultant Relationship Managers, who periodically reach out to consultants to assess job contentment, project progress, and accessibility to resources. This proactive approach is integral to a healthy,
win-win-client-consultant-supplier engagement.

Policy of Webster Tech Solution's retention of Human Resource program includes:

Recognition & Rewards — Webster Tech Solution's believes in acknowledging its resources for exemplary performance and rewards the high achievers.
Variable Compensation — The proactive approach process is supported by a delivery-based rewards plan to sustain consultants' motivation.
It includes Project Completion Bonus, Performance Incentive Bonus, Retention Bonus and so on.
Refresher Courses — Webster Tech Solution's identifies the training needs of its onsite resources and fills the gap with classroom/on-the-job training, Where need be. Webster Tech Solution's sponsors advanced / professional training for its consultants.
Redeployment Rationale — We strive to eliminate the bench period for consultants, a month before a given project ends. Our account management team begins to cross-reference the consultant's skill-set with existing and anticipated job postings among our client base.

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