Webster Tech Solution's has a proven on-boarding and off-boarding process. We have the flexibility to abide by the client's needs and processes:

• Communicate the job offer to the candidate
• Obtain a letter from the candidate confirming compensation information, date of joining, location of job, travel dates (if required) and other requests
• Fill out Offer Information Sheet along with Pre-Joining Form to enable HR to issue Offer Letter
• Send the offer letter to the candidate
• Co-ordinate with the candidate till he joins.
• Brief the new employee about orientation program and the client's environment (culture, philosophies, expectations, and so on)
• Deliver the candidate to the client location and communicate with him/her throughout the duration of the engagement

Webster Tech Solutions has formulated an off-boarding process to ensure a smooth transition at the client site.The potential for re-engaging the consultant is always a top consideration.

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