We offer multiple commercial models from which clients can choose.

These models offer comfort and flexibility in an extremely cost effective manner. Some commercial models that we offer are listed below. We are flexible in restructuring the model to meet our client's requirements.

Time & Materials (T&M)

In cases where the work is better defined in terms of people (e.g. a maintenance project needing the support of 4 people full time), we offer time and material pricing. In such a case, our resources will be self managed with a senior member of the team fulfilling the role of project manager. Webster Tech Solution's will submit regular status reports and time sheets to the client for their approval.

Delivery Excellence

Webster Tech Solution's Quality Management System ensure that all deliveries meet standards defined by the client. Our Management System processes provide clients the following benefits:

• Significant Cost Savings
• Quality Processes
• Dedicated Development Space, Hardware, Software, Communication Links and Manpower Resources
• Access to a large and diverse pool of Skilled Professionals
• Shortened Lead Times for Project Start-Ups
• On Time Deliveries within Budgeted Costs
• Work delivered to committed service levels
• Access to Senior Management for Project Issues

Flexible Time and Materials

Webster Tech Solution's provides flexibility to allow for changes in the staffing level as required. This allows Webster Tech Solution's clients to maintain optimum staffing levels with provision to ramp up resources (or reduce resources) based on business requirements.

Fixed Price

Webster Tech Solution's offers firm fixed price quotes for projects where the scope of work and processes have been clearly defined and agreed to in the beginning. In cases where this is not possible at the beginning of an engagement but is expected to happen early into the engagement, Webster Tech Solution's can offer an initial time and material pricing model based on mutually agreed staffing levels. After attaining a more defined understanding of the application and its framework, Webster Tech Solution's will be in a better position to offer an alternative, fixed price model for specific projects.

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