Webster Tech Solution's leverages its mature processes and cutting-edge systems to source, screen and on-board highly-skilled resources across job categories that include:

• Human Resources (HR)
• Information Technology (IT)

Mature Recruiting Process

We provide competitive edge through expertise in managing the IT consulting process. The company has mastered the step-by-step candidate search, qualification and hiring process, which enables us to provide on-demand technical resources with very low turnaround time.

Webster Tech Solutions has divided the sourcing process into sub-processes, which are executed by specialized teams. For example, the candidate identification process itself is broken down into sub-processes including:

• Backend searches for matching candidates in recruitment system and internal database as well as various job boards, user groups.
• Qualification of candidates corresponding to the backend searches. Specialized teams perform these and other sub-processes. Junior recruiting team members are required to perform the backend searches and then graduate to candidate qualification as they gain experience.
This results in overall operational efficiency in the recruiting process and yields optimal results in terms of a qualified candidate in the fastest time.


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